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Welcome to the home of Radiotronics Group. Here you will find out a bit about Radiotronics, our history, expansion and any franchise opportunities.

Radiotronics History

Radiotronics was established in the UK in 1998, as a subsidiary of an audio-visual company, to provide (mainly Kenwood) professional-grade licence exempt two way radios to clients in the entertainment, nightlife, hospitality and leisure sectors. In 2015, Radiotronics became totally independent. Radiotronics has operations the UK & Europe, USA and Australia; and supplies licensed two way radios and fully integrated, installed two way radio systems from all major manufacturers to clients in every major country.

We Started Here

Radiotronics started by supplying two-way radios to nightclubs, bars and late night entertainment venues in 1998. We've never stopped. Radiotronics is the two-way radio industry's outright expert in two-way radios for late night entertainment.

Absolutely no other company has as much experience and expertise with nightclub two way radios.
Two Way Radio Supplier to Wetherspoon Bars
Yates's Bars
Walkabout Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to Lloyd's No.1 Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to Flares Bars
Two Way Radio Supplier to Popworld Nightclubs

Franchise Model

Radiotronics in each region is completely independent franchise that trades as Radiotronics under licence from Radiotronics Group. These franchises are totally separate companies and are not directly linked to each another.

And being completely independent allows each regional franchise to make flexible decisions on price, strategy and implementation. An agile approach ensures the Radiotronics in your region can work with your business to deliver the radio communications solution your business needs.

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In The Community & Social Media

Join us! Radiotronics is actively engaged in the two-way radio community via social media.